Day 2: Stickers with a side o’ face

Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon

No interviews scheduled today which allowed for a slower morning, but there were definitely a lot of things that needed to be accomplished. We received spiltmilk. + passion project stickers today, which allowed us to get cracking on cards for all of the generous people who donated to our GoFundMe (a million thank you’s!!). We got them all completed tonight, and Sam was a total MVP.

In the late afternoon (between stickers and cardmaking) we visited Gallery 135 to peek on the setup of a show curated by Adam Garcia (!!) opening tomorrow, (and who we’re also interviewing) which was suuuper cool to see.

HOW ARE YOU FEELING? The heat’s been a killer, but ultimately I’m feeling good--very excited for Adam’s interview and his gallery show tomorrow, and having the opportunity to see the space after seeing it as it was in-progress!

Despite only being in Portland for two days, I feel like I already have a small sense of the incredibly supportive + collaborative creative community Kate spoke about in her interview yesterday.

It’s been a crazy, tiring two days, but I’m ready. We’re ready?


Portland, OR (technically speaking: Sam’s couch - White Salmon, WA)

We got our final order of stickers today and they are everything we wanted and more (YAH!); Sahm, Sam and I finished up the handmade cards to send to all the lovely people who donated on our GoFundMe (check your mailbox people & again, thank you thank you).

We also got to meet Adam Garcia today before our interview with him tomorrow and man am I excited. We met up while he was setting up for his sweet collaborative gallery show that’s opening tomorrow. As we walked into the space, he was drawing a mural on the wall for the event. It’s pretty cool that designers get to break all the rules we were taught as kids….aka draw on walls. Anyways, Adam is a really amazing human being, he does inspiring work that’s very people oriented -- I can’t wait to hear more about his story tomorrow, bright and early.

Oh and we went to Powell’s and ate at Bollywood Theater, two Portland “must dos” if you ask me.

Kinda tired, but GOOD and EXCITED. I’m really growing a liking for Portland the more time I spend here. The design community here feels very very COMMUNITY oriented, which is so damn cool. They’ve got a really great support system and really portray a space where passion comes first. Tomorrow we’re going to Adam’s gallery and I’m stoked to meet more people...and dance (Adam promised there will be dancing).

Goodnight Portland.

<3 Dana

Ptown oregone // the slammin salmon

Got to meet ADAM GARCIA! Popped into the gallery early (where he’s organizing a show at Gallery 135, Liminalia, opening tomorrow night!) to say hello and get a sneak peak (can’t wait… especially since there’s a rumor there’ll be hella dancin’). We also went to Powell’s for too short of time (obviously, there’s never enough) and I found a supes cool shirt at Buffalo AND THEN we had dinner at Bollywood Theater… oh boy oh boy… good stuff.

Of course, with all the support we’ve gotten we also had to get thank you cards put together and ready for shipping so, those are now done and I’m covered in glitter. Yes, glitter. Good news though, footage from Kate’s interview is all uploaded and the sd cards/cameras are ready for Adam’s interview TOMORROW. Making steps, ready for bed, but feeling real accomplished and even more confident that this project was the right decision.

As previously stated, SLEEPY, but GOOD. This whole on the road thing is pretty crazy and once we get into editing it’s going to get EVEN CRAZIER. But that’s okay. It’s definitely a good crazy. So far. I’m trying not to think about Chicago when we have 7 interviews and all that footage gets piled up. But right now I’m just so excited to talk to Adam tomorrow. Like Kate, he’s an amazing organizer, bringing people together in beautiful spaces and tomorrow we’ll get to participate at his show! I feel like a real designer in the world, getting to go out and socialize with other (albeit much more experienced) designers over dope art and apparently dancing..?...

Couldn’t be happier with where this project has taken us thus far.

- sam

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