Day 20: Tomb runner, Texan sunset edition

Guadalupe Mountains, TX


After breakfast and packing up camp, we decided on a quick hike and explore the ROMERO RUINS (a womping .75 mile loop).

We ran around for a bit and then we set our sights to Austin, TX.

LOTS O’ DRIVING (Sam and Dana are absolute champions). I will say despite the looong hours sitting in the car, the scenery was absolutely beautiful, like something straight out of a Turner painting. Real good stuff. Double rainbows eventually made an appearance.

Tired. Very tired. But hello, Texas--we’re coming for you, Austin.


Arizona - The Grand Canyon State

New Mexico - Land of Enchantment

and finally....

Texas - The Lone Star State

Woke up in a green desert campground. Given that it is starting to be off season for camping, I've noticed most of our neighbors have been retired couples and their RVs. What a life.

We knew we had a long day ahead of us so we thought we'd get our bodies moving and do the tiniest hike: the Romero Ruins Trail.

And then, as you can probably was driving time.

We had a nice lunch stop at the craziest gas station I've ever seen. Lunch was guac round two with some Breaking Bad theme song choreography (more to come on that).

Some more driving.

We quickly learned that Texas doesn't believe in gasoline and gas stations are damn far from one another. But all is good because we made it to a gas station safe and sound and were lucky to see the most amazing view of the sunset. Felt a little like driving into heaven.

Our gas detour caused us to camp in the dark again. Which is okay because you get to wake up to a beautiful surprise, and I have a feeling this one will be good (maybe it's the fact we're that we're away from the car).

Oh my god. The Texas sky is INSANE. Poor Sahm and Sam have heard me talk about it way too many times but seriously I am so amazed.

There are so many layers to the clouds and the skies here and the sunset came from so many different directions with so many vivid colors.

Driving down the 1111 in the back seat, with the window down, two of my best friends smiling and singing in front of me, and the gorgeous sky to my right and left was a moment to remember. mmmmmm :)

- amazed

Catalina State Park to Guadalupe Mountains State Park (and oh yeah... THE WHOLE STATE OF NEW MEXICO in between)

After setting up camp in the dark last night, we woke up to a great mountainous surprise. The landscape was gorgeous. A very desert valley, but so much greenery surrounded by red mountains. Today we decided we were going to make the time to see the park and stretch our legs a bit. So we packed up and headed off on a very very short hike just a flight of stairs above the valley where we found the Romero Ruins. I forgot how much I like stuff like this, even though it was just a few piles of really old rocks and illustrated plaques. Also, I’m realizing I have an affinity for really really big rocks. There were some GREAT cactus too.

Then we drove.

For hours and hours with only a guac and breaking bad stop in between (and yeah that was one stop).

Texas apparently doesn’t need gas so we had to go a long way out of the way to fill up (cuttin’ it a lil too close). That meant we set up camp in the dark again, but this time in the Guadalupe Mountains. We were all too tired to make dinner. Especially since it was a walk in sight so we’d have to trek in all the supplies. So we went to bed with empty tummies, but happy hearts with more room between us and the car then we’ve been in a week and a half.

Sick of the car and sad for the bunnies lost on 1111. But very very happy to finally be out of the car and have found such a cool campsite. Feels good to be independent of the car (even though the site is only a 45 second walk away). Like yeah, I don’t need you. I think it’s a much needed feeling after all the car trouble has threatened our trip.

- sam-the-night-camper+gas-saver

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