Day 29:

Double surprise + drinks + 2 hours apart

Atlanta, GA


Interview day all day ‘er day.

Woke up and headed over to interview the super lovely, Sarah Lawrence! at her super lovely home/studio space (and fawn over her crazy, adorable pup). It was so nice getting to see her studio and getting a glimpse of how she organizes her space/work. It was also so nice hearing about how she makes it a priority to balance her client work alongside nonprofits and her overall dedication to these types of organizations.

Post-interview, Sarah directed to us another local creative, Jason Combs, who she thought would be great to speak with. After reaching out to him, we were able to schedule an interview with him for later in the evening (thank you again for such a quick response!)

We then went over to Octane, to fuel up on some coffee and get some work done.

After a couple of hours, we drove down to Cabbagetown and had our interview with Jason and got to explore his printmaking endeavor, Counterpart. As a freshly-graduated individual, it was really nice to get his perspective/answers on our questions and overall, how he’s been navigating post-grad life in tandem with his passions. We got to poke around their risograph a bit and then said our goodbyes.

Parted ways with the team for a minute to meet up with my brother for dinner (thanks again, oppa 😌) and ended the day with my gals.

Always a fan of interview days, and today was especially inspirin', getting the opportunity to hear from two creatives at very different points in their journey, and gaining so much insight from both.


Atlanta, GA


Started the day off by meeting Sarah Lawrence in her lovely home/studio. As we walked in, we were immediately introduced by her pup Coco and treats (for us, not the dog)! We then got to interview Sarah in her sunroom studio and it was so good. As a young designer, she realized early on that freelance and nonprofit work were her calling and has jumped head first into both of those. Being a freelancer, she is able to make sure she does the work she is passionate about, and works on close to twenty side projects at the same time, basically a super hero.

At the end of the interview, Sarah recommended for us to talk to Jason Combs and connected us with him. So today winded up to be a two interview day and I'm so happy about it!

Before interviewing Jason we worked at a coffee shop for a few hours and I got lots of work done which felt real good.

But back to was so amazing talking to someone who is so young (he graduated just a year and a half ago) and so passionate. He is stationed in an incredible space with some buddies. The space, counterpart, was created for them to work on personal and commissioned projects and have a studio space. Their goal at the moment is to hold workshops and help communities around them using their design/print skills who may not have access to them. So cool! Check them out!

After the last interview, I got to hang out with an old friend from high school who I haven't seen/talked to in forever. It was really nice catching up and reminded me how nice it is to stay connected with people from your childhood...something I'm not so good at doing.

And then after a whole two hours away from each other, the spiltmilk. ladies ended the night together at Carroll Street Cafe sharing laughs and stories.

Happy ending to a happy day.

Our time in Atlanta has reminded me how much of a workaholic I am. Although we are not seeing as much of the city as I would like, I am really loving that I get to sit and work.

I am also loving all the amazing people I got to meet and reconnect with today <3

- Dans

Atlanta, Georgia

Soooo today was an interview day.

First up, Sarah Lawrence. A lovely lady with a lovely home studio and the sweetest of pups (Coco). She’s the first person we’ve interviewed that works this hard to ensure she can work with nonprofits. It’s wonderful to see how she’s found a way to use her skills in these organizations. She’s also really settled and involved in Atlanta and was even offered a job with the city and that’s super cool too. I feel like it’s hard to find younger people so committed to their place. All in all, Sarah is a sweet ball of coolness. And I didn’t even mention all her dope side projects (that’s she’s somehow made a lot of her actual work too).

Anyway, Sarah also got us hooked up with Jason Combs, an even younger designer (graduated a year and a half ago) who was down to talk to us in the evening. Before then, we went to a cool coffeeshop Octane for hourrsss to work. Drove me a little crazy though. But I got to talk to my Rosa Bebe and she’s doing wonderfully and I’m so happy for her and miss her dearly. I finally couldn’t look at my computer any longer so we went to Carroll Street Cafe for an earlyyy dinner. Then we wandered the five minutes walking over to Counterpart’s studio (cofounded by Jason Combs where he invited us for the interview). It started off a little abruptly as we didn’t realize we’d stumbled upon their space and our goofy gooberness was interrupted by a surprise sidewalk welcome by Jason (sweet guy, but bad timing).

It was really cool to talk to someone so close in age to us. It’s amazing that they’ve been able to get this crew together and get their side hustle together and so organized already, so soon after school. It definitely sounds financially stressful, but so cool that they’re so committed to it and trying to use it to elevate those whose voice are underrepresented. The beauty of a risograph I suppose: “cheap” prints. But the drums are so expensive. Damn. Anyway, it’s very cool to see how Jason moved out of his small town, started to get involved in the community and politics in Atlanta during school and is now spending his extra time with his friends feeding that part of himself, the part that wants to be making with and for the Atlanta community, especially those who maybe can’t afford anything else.

Basically, today was an amazing interview day. Beautiful Beautiful people day.

Post interview, Dana met a friend, Sahm met her brother, and I met Joe’s, the coffee shop for cake and chat with my lovely amiga Kate. Great to hear her voice, another friend I miss dearly.

Later, when we’d reunited at Carroll Street Cafe once again (this time for drinks), my sister called! Miss that hooligan too. Wow, cool kid.

It’s been a very good people day.

Happy to have such beautiful people in my life, new and old friends. Feeling inspired and connected.

- sam

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