Day 35:
Small town beachin’ bitches

Sawyer, MI

Sawyer, Michigan

Probably the slowest morning we had on record today, folks.

Breakfast of oatmeal, banana and raisins (thank you Dana) and coffee.

We wanted to hit the state park to kick it at the beach, but we also didn't want to pay (especially because rain was scheduled in the forecast and we didn't know how long we'd be there for) but! The sweetest locals and owners of a market where we bought ice from, let us know of a trail to get into the park for free, even graciously letting us park on their lawn :'^)

We spent some time soakin in the sun + sand and eventually made our way back to camp.

We then ate some dinner of sautéed veggies and canned chickpeas made by Dana, which was also made and eaten in the rain. Lots of time spent around the campfire tonight swapping stories and running away from smoke.

I've grown so accustomed to the day-to-day of spiltmilk on the's going to be so strange not waking up in a tent.

We get into Chicago tomorrow, can't wait for that (and to eat deep dish pizza?) (sans cheese?) (bread + marinara + veggies??)


Little town called Sawyer, Michigan

Woke up with my back and body aching after a terrible sleep.

Had a good breaky and a VEERRYYY SLOWW morning (which consisted of reading and head/handstands).

Our plan for the day was to go to the beach. We stopped to get ice for our cooler and after having a hard time finding a beach to go to we asked the clerk for some suggestions. He was super kind and directed us to a walking distance beach nearby.

He also let us leave our car on his lawn. Yep, his lawn.

Such a kind man.

We made our way to the beach with books and raincoats in hand (it was supposed to rain). The beach was BEAUTIFUL. Quite the contrast to the beaches we have in Washington.

We made it back to the campground, and as soon as we got there it started drizzling. But nothing can stop us, so we made dinner and ate around the bonfire, where we had some good storytelling practice.

Headed back to town for some water, sat at a brewery with the locals &&& now sleeps.

I love these two ladies, this adventure, and this project. I can’t believe we’re in Michigan.

These past few days have felt like vacation and it’s been so fun and reenergizing.

At the same time, there’s a little voice in my head telling me I have things to get done. But we get to Chicago tomorrow and I have a feeling it will be a work flow similar to Atlanta.


- Dana

Sawyer, Michigan

We had a realllyyyy slow morning. Made our breakfast goods and sat around and read until 1pm. Then we headed over to grab ice before heading down to the beach. The state park was going to be a lot of money for just a couple hours, but the owner of the shop we bought ice from let us park in his neighbor’s yard and they told us how to get the beach walking. So sweet. Such a small town experience. This guy literally ran across the street to make sure we could park at his friends and we did, ON THEIR LAWN. That’s right, had us park on their lawn and leave it there, as long as we wanted. That doesn’t happen anywhere but small towns where there’s no need for sidewalks because you can more often than not walk in the middle of the street.

We headed off on our walk and it was lovely. Trees lined the road there and they eventually opened up to Lake Michigan, which looks an awful lot like the ocean. We just laid at the beach again. I read for a minute, but fell asleep pretty quickly.

We went back to camp for dinner where Dana made us another delicious meal in the rain, while I made the fire. Then we just sat there telling stories for hours.

When we ran out of wood, we went into town to grab more water and sat at a brewery for a while. It does feel a little like White Salmon here.

Really sleepy and pretty groggy.

- sam

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