Day 42:
good + good = greater good

Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

Morning interview with the lovely Maris Garcia and Kyle Newton from Greater Good Studio! Design Research Lead and Design Lead, respectively. WHAT COOL, INSPIRING PEOPLE! WHAT A COOL, INSPIRING COMPANY! WOW! The work they do in the social sector and with their clients in general is just incredible.

I love how, after each interview, we have the ability to kind of string along similar themes, or make notices of the differences in answers for our questions. A big similarity I’ve noticed is the relationship/dynamic with skepticism. I think today’s interview really emphasized and reassured me that a healthy dose of these feelings are really okay, and they’re important. A kind of balance should exist between questioning your current situation and a pursuit for the unknown, and being comfortable with that ambiguity.

After parting ways, we went and got a sweet, little lunch at Lula’s Cafe. And then, with happy tummies, we stuck around to get some work done over at New Wave Coffee. Ended our time at Logan Square with some ice cream because we were abruptly overcome with emotion.  

Once we were home, I finally watched Mamma Mia, and now I don’t have an excuse for knowing only two lines of the title song. Oop.

Today was such a lovely day in so many different ways. Feeling really happy, and I feel like I've got a little more clarity with the kind of work I hope to do in the future. Thank you so much Maris + Kyle for being the best two-person interview we’ve had. Much, love.


ChicaG(reater g)O(od)


We were very warmly welcomed into the coworking space where Greater Good is stationed.

It was our first paired interview so a bit scary at first, but was a really beautiful interview.

The Greater Good is a really AMAZING company. They are a human centered design studio focused on social impact. We spoke with Maris Garcia (design research lead) and Kyle Newton (design lead). They both share a similar path in many ways and really fed off of each other during the interview, which was really cool.

In terms of content, this interview was a little different than the past ones we’ve done because of the work the studio does (more case studies and very process based) and it was interesting for me to see how the three of us reacted post interview.

Afterwards, we got lunch which reminded me of my momma. Chickpea, beets, kale, yadi yadi yada.

Went to work and then to celebrate (with ice-cream).

At home we watched two movies, I fell asleep 5 minutes into the second one.

We also got to know our airbnb host, Ray, a bit. He’s a really cool dude and has got a uniquely creative story himself.

Today’s interview was really reassuring in terms of the kind of work that excites me. I think what would make me happiest is a place where I can incorporate the kind of work that The Greater Good does (ie. social impact) with my need for an artistic creative challenge/outlet.

- Dana



B O O T I F U L    D A Y.

Got to talk to MARIS, design research lead, and KYLE, design lead, at the studio <3
  1. Beautiful coworking space
  2. Beautiful coworkers.

George and Sara, the founders, have created such an incredible company with an amazing application for the design skills in the social sector. From what Maris and Kyle said, it sounds like such incredible work, getting to design WITH your clients to create various deliverables such as programs, tools, trainings, etc. that work for more impactful systemic change. Even working in this beautiful space, they still question if there’s a better way to do what they do which is honestly a little relieving. There will never be a “perfect” fit, or at least you’ll never be satisfied with something forever, so you really can’t go “wrong” without a “right.” There was lots of good stuff from this morning from these two incredible people. Thank you guys. <3 This is the first place I would really LOVE to work.

Then we got a lovely lunch at Lula Cafe, lovely beet bruschetta and chickpea tagine. Class Hagit right there.

Then we worked and I got to talk to the gimp-limp-thumb Rosa <3  Then realized there are only 10 days left on this trip, melting my heart and putting tears in my eyes. So we got ice cream.

Then we went home, watched 2 Meryl Streep movies (I’ll let you guess whihc two) and ate too many snacks.

Also, turns out Ray (our airbnb host) is dope.

All around better today. Felt very awake and charged (no coffee just tea) - ice cream and too many snacks didn’t feel too great though.

Speaking to Maris and Kyle was amazing though. It really feels like this is something I could do. There’s something in this field for me. <3

- sam

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