Day 43:
Positive Pranksters

Chicago, IL


Real late start this morning. We had an interview scheduled later in the day, so after languidly getting ready, we made our way over to Intelligentsia Coffee to work, prepare, and work some more.

Jacked up on coffee and seltzer water, we made our way over to interview MATTHEW HOFFMAN! Artist/Designer and Doer of Positive Pranks.

First, incredibly grateful that we got the chance to sit and speak with Matthew amidst all the things he + and his team needed to do for his show, Find Your Way on Friday (!!!), but also getting the chance to see everything come together: huge boards being nailed down, light fixtures being hung, and momentous letterforms being moved from place to place. It was almost surreal getting to speak with Matthew about his work and then after the interview, getting to examine the pieces up close, looking through the bowls of O’s and looping under the bar of a T. Crazy stuff.

After saying our goodbyes, we went and grabbed some dinner of tacos + burritos (classic) and had our first drink in the city over at (where else?) Logan Square.

We had a very strange conversation with an eclectic group of friends, spoke a tiny bit with Kate on the phone, ate some nuts, and went home.

Ended the night talking about tattoos and Sam drawing said-ideas all over Dana’s arm.

I was already excited for the show this Friday, but now, after seeing the space, I caaan'tttt waaaaitttt!!


Chicago yo

Started the (late) morning at Intelligentsia to work because we have lots of catching up to do.

Stopped in the afternoon to head to our interview for the day: MATTHEW HOFFMAN! We met Matthew at an old manufacturing building where his show will be held starting this Friday, so we walked in as they were setting up and prepping.

After stalking his website all day, I was prepared for the scale of his work. But actually standing next to it and seeing it in person is so different than the pictures and shocked me more than I had expected.

Matthew was kind enough to stop mid-prepping and sat with us to interview him. The way he talked about his work was really sweet and humbling: “a positive prank” because it catches you by surprise in the best way possible. Moreso, the fact that he can make a living off of “pranking” people is beyond cool.

After the interview and watching in awe as Matthew and his workers shifted around letters twice their size, we headed to dinner at a nearby restaurant where we met close to the whole family who runs the place and filled our tummies with the best food.

We decided not to be lame tonight and sat at a place around Logan square. We ALMOST went to another place but we are a dollop of lame after all and went home.

We spent some time tonight talking on the phone with Kate and I can’t believe we get to see her tomorrow, can’t wait to pick her up <3

Also, I’m so stoked to see the show on Friday! Feeling really lucky to have been able to see the behind the scenes, pre-show hustle. Can’t wait to see the finished product!!

- Dans

the town of Arik Einstein

We slept for so long…

When we finally got up we headed over to Intelligentsia for about four hours of work wiht some goods and endless seltzer water refills. A little after 5 we headed west to an old manufacturing building where MATTHEW HOFFMAN is having a show Friday. If it isn’t obvious, we were there to interview him, which was so kind of him given he’s only got a day and a half left to get it done. He was very succinct though so we were able to get it done and not take up too much of his time. Then we awkwardly followed him and his team around for a while to get b-roll. So excited to see it all put together Friday. I can’t even imagine getting to build HUGE “positive pranks” as a job. What an absolute dream. An AMAZING example of making your passion work.

Post-interview we went to El Habanero for dinner. SO GOOD and the family was SO SWEET. I would definitely be a regular if I lived in Chicago.

We also finally went out. It was only 9 and we were on our way home by 11, but we got drinks and made some friends. Good job team.

Ended the night daydreaming about tattoos.

Really good. Really enjoyed working on journals today, which was great. They were really hard for a while there.

- sam

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