Day 45:
We’re sore

Chicago, IL

All Over

Sam and I shared the couch and we were both awkwardly curled up on opposite sides, so I woke up feeling a little…bendy? But after being up for a minute and eating some breakfast + drinking some coffee I had saved from last night (ha), I felt way better.

Kind of a packed day between a planned trip to the Art Institute of Chicago and an interview later in the afternoon, so a little bit of chaos figuring out travel logistics.

After that was set, we boarded the L Train to get to the LOOP! Where we met up with Kate’s grandma who is the SWEETEST, and made our way through the Art Institute. Unfortunately, it needed to be a speedy visit but! with that said, it was incredible getting to see all the art, installations, and galleries. A good balance between the “Classics” + some contemporary pieces. I fell in love with a spooky painting, and saw this guy, which was was so fun.

We then got ready for our afternoon interview with the oh-so magical KRISTIN LUEKE, Content Strategist for Firebelly and WRITER! It’s always such a fun opportunity getting to interview a creative outside of design or illustration, and it was especially exciting getting Kristin’s perspective working at an inspiring studio like Firebelly. Such a lovely interview. Kristin’s answers were both real + genuine and articulated in the most well-spoken, poetic manner. (Also she’s definitely the first person I’ve met to use the word, “witchier” to describe themselves, and I’m kind of in love with it).

After filming the space for a little bit, we said our goodbyes to Kristin and the sweet, senior pups of Firebelly. We grabbed some tea + some food/fun recs from a barista at Star Lounge. Afterwards, we met up with Kate and her grandparents at Greek Islands for dinner where we had some fun conversation and ate too much food.

Ended the night with some drinks and some good ‘ol fashion dancing with me gals.

A tad exhausted, but feeling good. Feeling really grateful.


still here

This morning got ready for another limited-time museum day. We went with Kate and her grandma to the Art Institute of Chicago and spent the late morning-early afternoon there. That place is a two day ordeal and we got about 3 hours. So we definitely had to eliminate a lot of the museum but our short time there was much appreciated and so worth it.

Also took the train to the museum and it made me love this city so much more. I can’t with Chicago & cars. I also missed public transportation so this was so so good.

We had to part from Kate and her grandma to make our way to another INTERVIEW! This morning my body felt like it was moving in slow motion so it was almost nice we got only a glimpse of the Art Institute, I would definitely have needed to come back more energized anyways (and then some).

Today’s interview was with KRISTEN LUEKE - content strategist at Firebelly. It was really great and refreshing to get a different taste of passion. Being a writer, Kristin also spoke so eloquently it was mesmerizing...I could listen to her forever.

She had some really amazing things to say about her path and making her passions line up with her life. She is a really sweet lady and works with such an amazing group of people. She said she is in awe daily of the people she is surrounded by and I understand completely. There’s gotta be actual magic happening there.

After our interview, we grabbed a quick tea where we got some inside scoop on places to go in the city and then regrouped with Kate and her grandmother, this time with the addition of her grandfather. We met at a fabulously Greek restaurant where we ate and chatted in good spirit.

We ended the night dancing, so obviously a good time.

Really inspired by this city and all the people in it.

- Dana

feels good when maybe your friends know you better than you do sometimes - Richard Hamilton as inspo

over yonder, here and there, what are you gonna do

Ow. We slept on Kate’s couch last night and now my whole body hurts, especially my butt. I also feel a headache coming on. But oh well, today’s Art Institute day! We hopped on the El (Brown line towards the loop) which was lovely. Just watching the city go by: little gardens in backyards or even just on firescapes. I think I like how old everything looks here too. It reminds me of Rose's and my apartment. A dreamy lived in space. I guess maybe that means I don’t actually want to build my own house one day. Maybe that doesn’t belong in the journal. But if you haven’t noticed, I’m going for stream of consciousness journals because I don’t have time to be worried about curating the ultimate piece for every day. So you get this. Sorry.

Once downtown we met KATE’S GRAMMA <3 one of the sweetest most optimistic ladies I think I’ve ever met. She does prairie conservation work which is so cool. We got to see pics of her yards and it’s crazy! She’s made her own little forest (or just let the forest come back with some maintenance) in her Chicago suburb. For now though we walked through the Art Institute of Chicago, too quickly, but we saw some goods. I wish we had more time. But also, I’m feeling really not great so not sure I actually physically would’ve made it much longer without some excedrin and laying down for a minute.

Too soon we headed back to grab the car and off to meet KRISTIN LUEKE at Firebelly! She’s amazing. Her title is Content Strategists, which basically means she’s the writer on staff. Honestly that sounds so cool. This trip has reminded me how much I love to write. These journals, sure, but even more so, the content on the website and even all the emails we have to write. That might sound crazy, but I really do enjoy and feel a pull to put words in their place. I feel like an ass, but any time we’re trying to write something together, I usually ask to “see it,” which has turned out to be code for me taking over. I don’t think the gals mind though. Especially emails, they seem to appreciate it… hopefully. Maybe I will take that class.. Anyhoo, Kristin is amazing. So beautifully spoken, I could really listen to her all day. Most telling of the vibes as this lovely lady sat adorned in fringe surrounded by various plant life with dogs at her feet, was her answer to what do you want to be when you grow up, “A little longer haired, kinder, wiser, and a little witchier.”

I think I’m in love.

Post interview we made a friend (we’re getting better at that. Go team.) and grabbed dinner with Kate and her gramma and grandpa at Greek Islands. So yum and soooo much. Oh boy. Another hard to walk situation. But it was a time. I love these folks. My headache got really bad though, but the girls wanted to go out and so did I of course, so took some more “goods” and laid down until we left. We hit up Slippery Slope where we got to DANCE and then Coles to end the night chatting over some koo koo vibes.

Physically? Like shit.

Emotionally? So good. Love my friends, love my friends grandparents, love this project. And I feel like I’m ending the day knowing writing can and maybe should be in my future in one way or another. Thanks, Kristin.

-  i'm out

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