Day 51:
Happy new year!

Denver, CO

Westminster and Denver

Woke up way earlier than early. Coffee + oats at a tea bar. Good stuff.

First interview in Colorado: MIKE SUKLE of SUKLE! Mike was incredibly kind and welcoming, and it was super fun getting to explore the studio as we scoped around for an interview space (there was a piñata of an old man head--enough said).

It was great to hear how Mike was able to create a design + advertising agency like Sukle, especially with so much emphasis on implementing and creating designs promoting social good and positive social impact. He also spoke a lot about the design process itself and it was definitely very cool seeing that process of iteration + reiteration all across the walls of Sukle.

After our interview, we celebrated the first day of Rosh Hashanah with some apples, challah, and honey in the car (it was cute). And then later, got dinner with Sam’s Great Aunt, Rusty, who was the kindest lil lady (sidenote: really happy to have gotten to meet so much of the Spaeth Clan this summer). She kindly treated us out to dinner at Sweet Tomato, where we got to chat with her for a while, and I cannot emphasize this enough, she’s the sweetest.

Ended the day planning, doin’ some last minute laundry, and got to see + chat with Jeung-il for a tiny bit. :^)

I honestly don’t know how I feel anymore. I guess it’s just the way my brain is choosing to process this project coming to a close. Just a little hazy.

Also, I realized today while speaking with Rusty that this has probably been the longest period of time I’ve spent with people outside of my family. What??


Denver, CO

Started the day at a yogi filled area of town where we sat and worked for a while.

Then headed over to Sukle where we interviewed our first Coloradan, MIKE SUKLE himself. It was a fresh new perspective coming from an ad agency. Mike had a lot of wonderful advice to give us in terms of pursuing and trying things that make you happy to be where you are. The studio as a whole really made it feel like a space that abides to these rules and uses them for the best. It was really nice to walk around, with iteration after iteration of work up on the wall and people actively collaborating with one another.

After the interview we went to Safeway (notice how we're back in the part of the country where Safeways exist) and bought apples and honey because it's rosh hashana!! In spiltmilk. spirit, we ate our sweet treats in the car to celebrate the holiday and new year.

After our mini ceremony, we headed to dinner where we met up with Sam's great aunt Rusty. And after dinner we got to hang out in her cozy home for bit and mostly goofed around (because we hadn't done it enough that day). Aside from our craziness, Rusty was a really beautiful person to talk to, full of advice and life stories. Thank you Rusty, you da best <3

Once home, feeling cold and tired, I went straight to bed. 

Honestly not 100%

For the latter half of the day I have had consistent goosebumps, I really hope I'm not coming down with anything. I've been sick once on this trip already...I refuse to do it again.

Also thinking about our drive home lately, we've got 17 hours and I'm really dreading it. There's gonna be a lot of emotions and reflecting happening and lots of time to do it.

- Dana

Homes of new friends and familia  


Grabbed coffee and tea and a burrito before meeting Mike Suckle at his studio, Suckle. It was a lovely interview and everyone there was so great. They were all so welcoming, like EVERYONE. It was kind of shocking. We’re usually more ignored than that. Seems like a really fun place to be. Suckle said some things that made me nervous for my future in design, basically that it’s a pretty saturated field and you really have to be the best at what you do. Which is not me. I’m very much a jack of all trades. Pretty good in everything, not AMAZING in anything. But the work that they do is so cool. Specifically their partnership with various environmental and health campaigns. Their approach design is very fun and like I said, seems like a really fun place to work where Suckle really seems to care about his team’s well being.  

Post interview in the spirit of Rosh Hashana we bought apples and honey and ate them with challah bread before meeting my great aunty Rusty fro dinner! It was really cool to see her. We’ve never has a conversation like that. She definitely reminds me of my grandpaps (her brosky). Love that guy. Also she took us to a salad bar. We ate soooo many greens it was amazing. Thanks Rusty. <3

Once home, I was supposed to be researching or something, but I started reading The Crucible and didn’t put it down ‘till it was done. What a shit show. People are crazy. I love witch stories.

A little funny. I think we’re all feeling the end and avoiding it. But also, The Crucible was a crazy ride. I know Miller made up the personalities of these characters and he doctored up the story, but I wonder how accurate the dialogue and situation is to the Salem Witch Trials. It’s almost unbelievable, but it’s so human.

- bruja de corazon

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