Day 22: Lady bird lake with our lovely lady

Austin, TX


We got to interview MILES STARKEY! HOPE Campaign’s Art Programs Director and painter/artist at the HOPE Outdoor Gallery which was incredible to see. It was so inspiring to hear about Miles’ passions for art + painting, but to also hear about his devotion for showcasing and encouraging other artists to grow at the HOG.

After our interview, we got a chance to explore the gallery and admire all the colorful + eclectic works/pieces. We then made our way to the Native Experiential Hostel (on recommendation) and had some breakfast and get some work done.

We relocated to our hostel where we did some more work until about dinner time, where we got to meet up with our sweet, sweet pal because as *fate* would have it, she was in Texas for a big chunk of the  summer :^)

After dinner we walked around South Congress for a little bit and later, turned the mic on Emma and interviewed her on her own passions + journey, which started off as something very lowkey + casual but quickly evolved into such a wonderful, lovely conversation--can’t wait to see the camp you build + design, Emma.

Today was so great. I feel like our interview questions are simple, but allow us to gain so much insight and context for each person we speak with, and after every interview I am both amazed and grateful for the opportunity we’ve been given to do this project.

a v soft sahm

Austin, TEXAS

Woke up and my first thought was "I'm gonna need a nap today",

As tired as I was, we had an interview with Miles Starkey and it was awesome! Miles works at the HOPE Outdoor Gallery as the campaign's Art Program Director. It was really great hearing his connection to his work and the bonds he's built there. You can tell from the start how much he loves this place and how dear it is to him.

We got to explore a bit of the gallery afterwards and it was a beautiful field of colorful imagination and inspiration.

Thanks to Mile's recommendation, we made our way to the Native Experiential Hostel. We had breakfast and it made me realize how much I missed was so good mmmm.

We stayed there for a bit to work and then made our way to the hostel to work some more.

For dinner we met up with Emma Miller, a good friend from school and a beautiful soul!!!! We were lucky enough to spend a few hours with her and even interviewed the lovely lady. I have never known Emma like this, so it was really great to hear about her experiences and goals. We <3 U Emma

I was really really tired today. I'm glad we had a chiller day so I could lounge on couches and be with myself for a bit.

We have been talking about doing the interviews with just random  people we meet. Emma was a great starting point for that and a push to do it more. It's a beautiful way to get to know someone on a deeper level in just a few minutes :)

- Dana


An early morning after a late night, but some good good sleeps. It’s amazing the difference a lil AC makes in the whole battle over homeostasis thing.

We met Miles Starkey for his interview at the HOPE Outdoor Gallery. What a cool thing. I wish we were here on a paint day. On another note, it was great to hear from someone who actually went to school for graphic design and did NOT end up doing it as a career but instead is an artist and an art program director (yet another connecter of creatives into talking to us, imagine that).

Austin is really hot though. Not quite as hot as when we were in the Gorge, but, I think it must be the humidity, it makes for a sweaty mess real quick like.

Post interview we had breakfast at the super cool Native Experiential Hostel (not where we’re staying $$). We worked there for a long while, went back to our Hostel and worked until dinnertime. Kind of lame way to start off in Austin, but  we had a little catch up to do for sure.

EMMA MILLER SURPRISED US and took us out for some Texan tacos and some post dinner leg stretchin and drinks by the lake. What a beautiful beautiful soul. So happy she’s committed to her niche. I wish her all the happy camping in the world. <3

Sometimes I feel bad about not having interviews out, but then I think about how tired I am at the end of each day and if I was working any harder, I’d probably make myself sick.

On a happier note, Emma let us interview her down by the water (the lovely lady bird lake, that’s right, lady bird lake). We’ve never really been close, but getting to talk to her in this way about what she cares about made me appreciate this project that much more. She's amazing and doing a wonderful job of following her passions. I’ve never connected as easily, quickly and deeply with so many people as with these interviews. Emma was a great example of how long we can go without really knowing the people in our lives and the power and satisfaction of hearing people’s stories and getting to know them just that much more. I'm currently brainstorming ways to skip the bullshit on the every day to day and really get to know some folks. (Or maybe I’ll just use the guise of the passion project forever? What do yah think gals?)

- the hungry tummy of samwise

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