Day 37:
Deep Dish Leftovers

Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

Woke up early and didn’t beat the traffic, but still made it with time to spare to meet with the head of marketing of a bank, organized by Sam’s Grandpa’s cousin (still figuring out what that label would be), Ray. It gave us an opportunity to get a very different perspective on the design/creative field than what we were used to, and it was interesting to hear things from a business point-of-view. After our meeting, Ray, and his wife Sharon treated us out to our first deep dish pizza.

After lunch, we parked it at Damn Fine Coffee Bar to prepare + figure out other logistics before our interview. Once it hit 5, we made our way to Sidekick Studio to interview BEN DERICO! Filmmaker, DP, Editor, human of Sidekick.  His film/camera work is beautiful, and as Very Beginner Videographers, getting to interview him was both exciting and also a tad intimidating. But! Ben was super kind and patient with us as we were setting up, and also so willing to lend us a hand/give us all the tips + tricks (for which we were all grateful for). As far as our introduction to the city, Ben was a super cool, first interview in Chicago. His feelings on the concept of passion was really refreshing, especially at this point in the trip where we've passed the halfway point. I think throughout this project it’s been really easy to be swept up with the more glamorous, romanticized side of the word "passion," so I really appreciated how real + candid he was with his thoughts + answers.

After our interview, Ben directed us to a sweet little Vegan Diner for dinner, and after feasting, we made our way back home.

Really good. At one point, Ben started talked about periods of transition, skepticism, and growth and it was just really nice. It was definitely really reassuring to hear, I think for all three of us, as we navigate senior year/post-grad life.

We get to interview Melis Sonmez, (Ben's girlfriend and founder of an incredibly cool passion project) on the 9th and I am so so pumped.



This morning we met with Sam’s grandpa’s cousin, Ray and his friend Allen. We had a good conversation about marketing and business and then moved the conversation to the restaurant next door where we had our first Chicago meal: deep dish pizza.

Thank you guys for the lovely meal and the lovely chat :)

We got some work time after lunch and then our first Chicago interview: BEN DERICO!

As a videographer, Ben was kind enough to give us tips (and was very responsive as we begged for more) and even let us borrow his equipment, what a charming lad.

The interview was truly amazing. Ben's answers were really refreshing and a different perspective than some other people we've talked to. Ben likes to question a lot and made some really interesting points about things we consider the norm and the way things play out in society. Once we finished the OG interview questions we kept talking and nitpicking on words we like dislike and why we use them.

We were pretty hungry afterwards and made our way to Chicago Diner thanks to Ben’s suggestion. Had a hefty meal and drove back home with my pants unbuttoned.

Today's interview was such an amazing kickoff to Chicago. I feel like we gained so much from the interview, both in terms of logistic things (camera stuff) and more brainy things (Q&A).

I also really appreciated how casual and open Ben was to our questions. It made the interview so free flowing and he really made us feel welcome and at home, thank you Ben.

- Dana

Chic de ago

Started the day meeting my grandpa’s cousin, Ray and learning about marketing from a very nice man named Allen. It was very interesting, but also quite odd. But we had our first deep dish pizza (a whole lotta bread and cheese, but I’d do it again. Apparently we have to try Malnati’s?) and it was cool to meet Ray and his wife Sharon. Thanks for lunch Ray <3

Then we were off to a coffee shop, Damn Fine Coffee Bar for a lil work and research, good company and a quality latte before our interview with BEN DERICO at 5. Cool dude. His films are beautiful and I so look forward to whatever he might do in the future. He has a contentious relationship with our understanding of and relationship to passion these days which was very refreshing and why we ask for our interviewees definition. I really like the way he often seemed to question the ways in which we view things, but in a non judgmental or exhaustive way. It was just the right amount of questioning and generally he just has a very cool attitude and he knows where his priorities lie. Very happy we got to talk to him. Thanks a million, Ben <3 Also cannot wait to talk to his girlfriend Melis Saturday as well <3

All pretty hungry, we went to the “Ben recommended” Chicago Diner for a vegan feast. Now I’m stuffed and going to bed.

Really really happy. Ben’s interview definitely resonated really strongly with me. Feeling another moment of gratitude for this project and the people making it possible and really excited to see what creating as a profession might mean for me. Talking to Ben took some pressure off about design being the passion, because I don’t think it is for me. I think design and creative thinking is more of a tool kit that just so happens to be really fun.

- sam

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